Why God “Trumped” America

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  • R is RIGHT. We got it right with this book and the president is trying to get it right by fulfilling his promises, even though the media and his own party will never let him be right, and this book explains why!
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Neither Trump lovers or haters know the profound reasons why God answered the prayers of many and chose Donald Trump to lead America.

Even Trump supporters from the conservative media who helped bring the president to power have little understanding of why God chose him and what God is doing with him.

This is the ONLY book that reveals the full truth about President Trump.

And surprise, surprise! As the president is a wrecking ball for political correctness, this book is a GIANT WRECKING BALL for RELIGIOUS correctness.

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  • WHY the political turmoil and the unprecedented coup d’état — the violent overthrow of a duly elected government? Why the nation is being prepared for an assassination only God can stop?
  • Where is America mentioned in end-time prophecy? You’ll be surprised! Yes, you’ll find that America is front-and-center in Bible prophecy, believe it or not. We prove it from the Bible and history!
  • Will Donald Trump really make America great again?
  • Does God really want Christians to go out and save the world?
  • Are Christians displeasing God by calling on the Lord rather than call on Jesus by name?
  • Is the entire Christian world wrong about the day of worship, Sunday?
  • Are we hearing a false gospel about Jesus instead of the true good news of the Kingdom of God, prophesied to be preached in these last days?


No one else will answer these questions truthfully because the entire Christian world has been deceived!

If you are a Christian who is teachable from God’s Word, you will appreciate this book.

If you aren’t a Christian, and you don’t like what you see in the Christian world, you will like this book. I’m like you… I HATE RELIGION! It’s man’s way of worshiping God, and it’s wrong!

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You see, even though God saved my life by mercy when I cried out to him as a pastor in 1986, I was stricken with not one, but TWO incurable illnesses which endangered my life.

My former wife was making funeral plans for me since the doctor at the hospital in Quebec City had told her I had only 3 hours to live.

But God answered the prayer I prayed when I was coughing blood a few days earlier at home with a fever of 107 °.

In MERCY, God spared my life. However, the near-death lack of oxygen spawned two illnesses the doctors said I would have to live with…and which I came close to dying with!


I was at the end of my rope! I knew God was there, but I cried to Him for somebody to help me.

At a church service, I just knew God was pointing out a man I had met many years earlier and that he was the one who would be that flesh and blood person I needed to help me. He was!

And he knew it at the same time I spied him. He had seen God miraculously heal him when he was at the point of death and God had revived him and brought him knowledge about hindrances to healing.

Through him I learned that God really does heal today!

His words shocked me… “You haven’t forgiven your ministerial boss! You said you did, but it wasn’t from the heart! You haven’t laid down your pain to Jesus.”

Well, By God’s grace I FINALLY DID!What’s more…GOD HEALED ME!

Doctors were SHOCKED!

I have seen MANY MORE receive their healing through our ministry.

So, DON’T DESPAIR! YOUR healing is possible even if you have lost hope as I had!

We offer our book, Why Doesn’t God Heal Me? I wrote it with the help of this man who became my mentor. He’s an apostle and can discern the hindrance to healing that blocks a person’s healing.

That book has been attacked greatly because of the help it offers, but we still have a free digital copy for you we sell at $9.95.

What’s more, we offer our personal prayer help if you don’t find the answer in the book, or even if you’re desperate like I was to know why I wasn’t yet healed.

Your life may even be in imminent danger or you may be at the end of your rope.

That’s why we offer our prayers for revelation of the reason you haven’t seen your healing yet.

We want you to find the healing I found the only sure way— JESUS! He’s the Healer, and He promises to heal you!

Now, we can’t promise you’ll receive your healing since what God may tell you through our prayers may require you to do some things you may or may not want to do. So, because so many factors are involved, please read this carefully:


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About the Author:

Robert B. Scott has been a student of the Bible for half a century and a pastor for forty-five years where he has pastored in French in France, Switzerland, and Quebec from 1972 to 1988, and in English from 1988 to the present in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Robert is a prolific author. His books reveal the fact that he has known a key to Bible understanding he learned fifty years ago, a key revealed in Bible Code Broken! He is coming out soon with a revised version and the sequel as a bonus. This key allows him understanding that has escaped mainstream religion.

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